Why Winter Is a Great Time to Install a Fence | Tacoma Fence Company

You are looking out your kitchen window, you notice that your fence is starting to rot and crack. After years of wear and tear, it desperately needs to be replaced. Many Tacoma & Puyallup homeowners don’t realize that their fence can be repaired or installed even in the winter.

Our team at Cascade Deck & Fence want to share our top four reasons why now is the best time to install a new fence for your home. 

Fence with greenery

Your Home Will Be Ready Come Springtime

As spring comes around, everyone is looking forward to backyard parties and get-togethers. This is the time when many homeowners are scrambling to get their new fence installed. You may even have to wait weeks or even months just to schedule an appointment. By installing your fence in the winter, you will beat the rush. While your neighbors are dealing with prolonged construction, you and your family can fully enjoy your yard and fence.

Fence Installation Won’t Interfere with Outdoor Activities 

Once the sun comes out, you and your family will want to kick back and enjoy your backyard. However, having fence contractors dig up your yard to install a fence can put a damper on the scenery.

In the winter, the ground is more stable due to the low temperatures. The cold weather makes it easier for the digging process. Your plants and lawn will be less likely to take on damage from fence construction during the winter. You will get to cozy up inside and not have to worry about the fence installation underway.

Let the Dogs Out

Winter holidays are one of the most popular times for families to bring in a new four-legged friend. If you recently got a new dog this season, you will need a safely enclosed fence for Fido. Fenced-in yards are great to secure your puppy and give them countless amounts of exercise. Having a fully fenced yard will also give you some peace of mind that your dog will not wander far.

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In Washington, we generally experience mild winters—with the occasional snow day here and there. As long as the ground isn’t frozen, you don’t have wait until spring or summer to start your fencing project.

Feel assured knowing that our team at Cascade Deck & Fence Company have the expert knowledge and the right tools for the job. Now sit back, relax and let us take care of the rest. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation with Cascade Deck & Fence Company to get started on your home’s new fencing installation today.