Preparing Your Deck for Spring | Tacoma Decking Experts

As the weather starts to get warmer in the Pacific Northwest, this means that spring is on its way! To prepare for afternoon barbecues and long evenings spent out on the deck with family and friends, it’s time to start getting your deck ready.

We had a rough winter in the South Sound. Your deck probably took on some wear and tear from the ice and rain. Preparing your deck for springtime ensures that your deck will be in great shape when for the endless outdoor activities roll around in spring and summer. At Cascade Deck & Fence, we have compiled our four best tips to make sure that your deck is ready for springtime.

Couple relaxing on a deck in spring

Look for Cracks or Loose Nails

The fluctuating winter weather has the tendency to make existing cracks in your deck expand with the changing temperatures. This can cause nails to become unfastened and work their way out. Be sure to check for any loose nails. If you find a loose nail, resist the urge to hammer it back in. This can actually make things worse. Instead, replace the nail with a screw to ensure a secure connection. You can always call your local decking experts for any repairs.

Clean Off Your Deck

You’ll want to clear your deck from any dead leaves or dirt that has built up over winter. A leaf blower is a great tool to blow away any loose debris. You can then go through with a pressure washer or a garden hose to remove any debris between the deck boards. Debris between the deck boards will inhibit air flow in the wood and trap moisture.

If you rent a pressure washer, use safety goggles and hold the nozzle 5 inches about the deck’s surface. Be sure to follow the grain and go with the boards, otherwise you could damage the wood. A simple cleaning can help return the wood back to its natural tone.

Check for Wood Rot

Keep your eyes open for any signs of the deck rotting. Wood rot appears in a variety of ways. Signs of rot could include:

  • Boards caving in
  • Discoloration
  • Splintering of the wood.

If you think you may spot wood rot, it’s time to bring a professional in. They’ll be able to investigate further and let you know if it’s repairable.

Apply Protective Finish

After the deck is clean, be sure to apply a effective water-resistant seal. A good seal will protect your for a long time, especially here in the rainy Pacific Northwest. You can preserve your deck by choosing anything from a clear wood preservation to a darker stain with a solid finish. Make sure that you are choosing a product that has a UV protection as well as repels water.

Get a Free Estimate with Your Tacoma Deck Builders

These simple maintenance steps will allow you to fully utilize your deck when the warm weather is finally here. Nobody wants to spend time worrying about repairs or maintenance issues while the neighbors are out enjoying the sun. If you’re in need of a new deck or looking for some additions, now is the best time to start your next home project. Don’t hesitate to give Cascade Deck & Fence a call at (253) 753-1137 with any questions you may have about your deck!