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It’s almost winter in the Pacific Northwest, and the holiday spirit is in the air. Chances are, you’ve already strung the lights on your house to celebrate the season. While your fence may be looking festive, it is prone to wear and tear during this time of year. There are several things you can still do to protect your fence from the season’s harsh elements.

Our team at Cascade Deck and Fence discuss our five best tips to helping you prepare your fence for winter.

Fence with snow in the winter

Remove Debris from Your Fence

You’ll want to make sure to clear your fence from any leaves that have set into your rails or in between boards. The debris will inhibit air flow in the wood and create a trap for moisture. Be sure to regularly walk along your fence line and remove all debris to keep your fence from weakening.

As ice and the possibility of snow gets closer, make sure to check your fence on a weekly basis. The weight of snow can sometimes be too much and can cause your fence to bend or even crack. In some occasions, the fence could even fall apart. It’s always a good idea to clear as much snow off your fence as you can to prevent any damage.

Power Clean Your Fence

Always clean off mildew and mold that builds up on your fence. If you don’t, the areas will start rotting. Signs of rot include:

  • Boards caving in
  • Posts that are loose and wobbly
  • Gate sags and won’t close properly

Pressure washing is a great way to remove any dirt and bacteria. Make sure to not set the pressure too high, or you could ruin the stain. Pressure washing will restore the look of your fence and make it appear brand new.

Apply Protective Finish

Once the fence is clean, it is important to apply a water-repellent finish, especially here in the rainy Pacific Northwest. Moisture can damage your fence, which causes warping. The protective seal will stop any water from penetrating the surface and affecting the wood. Believe it or not, a sealant can extend your fence’s life by years! Go to your local hardware store for a quality brand that guarantees against mildew, rot and decay by water penetration.

Prevent Falling Branches From Fence Damage

With the cold weather, trees are prone to freezing. When trees freeze, their branches can break and fall. If your fence is struck by a fallen branch, it can suffer irreparable damages. To protect your fence, be sure to cut back any branches that have the potential to break and fall.

Check Your Fence’s Stability

Living in the Pacific Northwest, rain is constantly penetrating the soil. Water saturating into the soil can cause shifts that can affect the posts of your fence. Check your fence posts to make sure that they are straight, stable and free of rot. You will reduce the chance of instability in the future.

Your Tacoma Deck & Fence Builders

Don’t let the cold keep you from preparing your fence for the harsh weather. Taking these measures for preparation will make your life easier when the warm weather comes back, and avoid home repair come springtime. If you’re in need of a new fence, winter is a great time to start your next fencing project — just in time for the New Year. Don’t hesitate to give Cascade Deck & Fence a call at (253) 753-1137 with any questions you may have about winterizing your fence!

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