Why Choose Composite Decking | Tacoma Deck & Fence Builders

For many homeowners, the backyard is a sanctuary. It is where families come together for BBQs, sports and just having fun with one another outdoors. A deck serves as a platform for gathering and entertaining. If you’ve been considering installing a deck for your home, now is the time.

Here in the Pacific Northwest, composite decking is a great option for homeowners. While natural wood is often considered the traditional material choice for decking, composite products offers many benefits worth mentioning.

Composite decking in Tacoma

Composite decking is a man-made building product made of a combination of materials, including recycled wood fibers and plastic. Other materials are added, such as color pigment, and then the mixture is molded into board planks. With advancements in decking technology, composite decking comes in a variety of colors and wood-like surface patterns. They often mimic the look, warmth and beauty of natural wood.

Our Tacoma deck experts at Cascade Deck & Fence Company have listed our top three reasons to choose composite for your next deck project. If you have any questions on composite decking, call us today! Schedule a free estimate on your upcoming deck project.

#1: Composite is highly durable for the Pacific Northwest

Composite decks are known for their long life span. Because of the combination of wood and plastic fiber, composite is strong and resistant to sun exposure and frigid temperatures. This is especially important here in the Pacific Northwest, as we experience rain, sun and snow throughout year. Composite decking is also resistant to staining, warping, weathering and insect damage.

#2: Composite decks are easy to maintain compared to wood decks

For busy homeowners, one of the main advantages of composite decking is that it requires little upkeep. You aren’t required to paint, seal or stain as you would with other materials.

However, this does not mean it is maintenance-free. Regular, gentle cleaning of dirt and debris should be done with a broom or a garden hose. For a deeper clean, we recommend using a soft bristle brush every few months to maintain your composite deck.

#3: Composite materials are eco-friendly

Since composite deck boards are made with recycled wood and plastics, they are an environmentally sustainable product that uses materials that otherwise would have ended up in a landfill. According to This Old House, every 10 square feet of composite decking contains nearly 1,100 one-gallon milk jugs and 3,000 recycled plastic shopping bags.

#4: Composite decking is safe for the whole family 

Due to it’s smooth surface, composite decking is a great choice for families—especially those with young children or pets. Your family can walk on the deck with bare feet and not have worry about wood splinters or chips. In addition, many composite decking styles are designed with textured surface to help prevent slips.