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When investing in a new fence, there are many factors to put into consideration. A fence can set boundaries, provide security, along with enhance the value and appearance of your home. When looking at the aesthetic value that fences add to your home, there are many factors to consider when it comes to style, function and budget. You don’t want a chain link fence surrounding a classic Victorian-style home.

At Cascade Deck & Fence, we’re here to help ease the fence selection process for you. This is why we are outlining the different types of fencing material and answer any questions you may have.

composite fence


Composite is a favorite here at Cascade Deck & Fence Company. Composite fence is made of engineered wood made from recycled wood fibers and plastic. It can mimic the look of most wood boards. Composite fence boards are known for their long life span. Due to the combination of wood and plastic, the composite is strong and resistant to sun exposure. This is important for living in the Pacific Northwest where the weather patterns can change drastically. Composite fence boards are also eco-friendly.

Chain Link

chain link fence

Chain link fence is favored for its maintenance-free, sturdy and long-lasting capabilities. This is also a popular choice for homeowners who want to keep their pets safe and secure. Chain link comes in a wide range of heights, colors and different gauges of wire to best suit your needs. A chain link fence is a fantastic way to achieve a fenced-in yard and still keep that open feeling around your property. If you are looking to establish property borders and want a cheaper option, this is a good alternative

Wood Fence

Wood Fence

A wood fence is often considered as the classic American home style. Wood can be built in any style, size and height, ranging from the iconic white picket fence to a seven-foot privacy fence. A wood fence can have the lowest purchase

and installation cost. However, be aware that the height and size of your fence will impact the price. The more lumber that you need, the more expensive the project will be.

By simply changing the paint or stain color, the look of your fence can be completely transformed. This type of fence is perfect for families with small children for their neighborly feel and level of privacy.


Vinyl, also known as PVC fencing,  is growing as one of the more favorited choices fencing materials across the United States. This product is available in an endless array of styles, colors, and has the effect of creating a more expensive feel to the property.

Vinyl fencing requires nearly no maintenance. Unlike other types of fencing, it doesn’t need painting or staining. Dirt and dust spray off easily with a hose. This type of fencing works well for families who want privacy and attractiveness to their home but still low maintenance.

Ranch Rail

Ranch rail fence is the perfect tradition fence style if you live in a large country lot. Typically made of wood, this fencing material can also be found in vinyl. A ranch rail fence is what you often expect to see running the perimeter of a field on a horse ranch. This fencing option is easy to install and clean off dust and grim. Ranch rail fence appearance adds the right amount of character to your home with it’s clean and sophisticated look.

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