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How to Keep Your Deck Safe for Kids | Tacoma Deck Builders

Decks and balconies can be a relaxing addition to any home. But they can pose a serious threat to  young children. Babies and toddlers are naturally curious and unaware of any serious dangers. Children can easily get trapped between railing or slip through and fall. This is why it is important to take into account… Read more »

Preparing Your Deck for Spring | Tacoma Decking Experts

As the weather starts to get warmer in the Pacific Northwest, this means that spring is on its way! To prepare for afternoon barbecues and long evenings spent out on the deck with family and friends, it’s time to start getting your deck ready. We had a rough winter in the South Sound. Your deck… Read more »

Why Winter Is a Great Time to Install a Fence | Tacoma Fence Company

You are looking out your kitchen window, you notice that your fence is starting to rot and crack. After years of wear and tear, it desperately needs to be replaced. Many Tacoma & Puyallup homeowners don’t realize that their fence can be repaired or installed even in the winter. Our team at Cascade Deck &… Read more »

The Most Wonderful Time to Build a Deck | Tacoma Deck Experts

The temperature is dropping, the rain and the cold has finally hit the Pacific Northwest. But that won’t stop us at Cascade Deck & Fence Company from helping you create your dream home. Many people think that the best time to build a deck is during in the springtime, but the truth is that the… Read more »

Why Choose Composite Decking | Tacoma Deck & Fence Builders

For many homeowners, the backyard is a sanctuary. It is where families come together for BBQs, sports and just having fun with one another outdoors. A deck serves as a platform for gathering and entertaining. If you’ve been considering installing a deck for your home, now is the time. Here in the Pacific Northwest, composite… Read more »

Custom Patios enhance a Home’s Curb Appeal

Simply-put, curb appeal serves as your home’s first impression for everyone who looks upon it – be it the pizza delivery guy, your invited friends and family, or a potential buyer if you have your home on the market. There are many contributing factors that all play into the overall curb appeal of your home: the… Read more »

Tacoma Deck Contractors | Damaging Effects of UV Rays

This summer has been increasingly warm, perfect for days out on the water, barbecues and bonfires. With all this time spent outdoors, you’re bound to have heard about the importance of wearing sunscreen to protect your skin. During the summer months, the sun’s rays are hitting your deck for most of the day, which can… Read more »

Advantages of Installing a Fence | Tacoma Fence Contractors

Purchasing a house is one of the most important investments you will ever make. You have chosen a place to create a home, start a life. As with any other investment, it is important to increase value and marketability. One of the most beneficial ways to increase the value of your home is to install a… Read more »

Tacoma Deck Contractors Working For the Environment

The Pacific Northwest has a number of defining characteristics: overcast weather, rainy days, an abundance of evergreen trees, crisp air, and mountain ranges that offer unbelievable sites. It’s no wonder that a defining characteristic of the people who live in the PNW is being environmentally conscious. So as a company that is based in Tacoma,… Read more »

Deck out For the Holidays

Temperatures are definitely dropping, and you’ve prepared your deck for the winter with the tips from our last post, but don’t forget about your deck completely. You may not be entertaining on it anytime soon, but your deck is a direct extension of your home, so make sure to add some festive decorations to it,… Read more »