Most Common Deck Building Mistakes

  Recently we posted about 4 Common Wood Fence Building Mistakes (, but it is important to know that mistakes when building decks are just as easy to make. In order for anyone to construct a deck properly they need to have a strong “sense” of industry codes and know the best practices. Discontinuous handrails…. Read more »

Throw an End of Summer Deck Party!

With the summer months coming to a close, there’s no better send off than with an End of Summer celebration! It’s a great excuse to take in the last bit of the sun’s warmth all while having friends and family over for an awesome deck party. Here are some ideas how you can say “Sayonora”… Read more »

Advantages of a Composite Deck

Decks can require a lot of upkeep. Having to clean, strip, sand, and reseal on a yearly basis can be tiresome. If you want the deck and not the inevitable maintenance, composite decking is an excellent option for you. Composite decking material is composed of waste wood or cellulose fiber and plastic. Unlike other decking materials, composite… Read more »

Spruce up your Deck with Some Gardening Pots

Does your deck need some sprucing up? Then we’ve got the perfect weekend project for you! Try planting pots or creating flower beds with some of the best plants for the Pacific Northwest. The flowers and greenery will surely liven up any deck by adding color and fresh scents. Planting is a fun & affordable activity that… Read more »

4 Common Wood Fence Building Mistakes

A lot of times fence building is oversimplified and many do-it-yourselfers make very common mistakes. Here is a list of some of those mistakes. 1. Lack of vertical support. When there is a lack of vertical support boards, the fence will sag, causing some boards to become loose. 2. Forgetting that trees grow. As trees… Read more »

5 Things to Consider When Building a Deck

Whether you have decided to install a deck for your home or you are considering it, there are a few things you will need to account for. Here is a list of some considerations to think about before starting to build a deck. 1. Space & Size How big do you want your deck to… Read more »

Advantages of Owning A Deck

Installing a deck is a nice way to add functionality and curb appeal to your yard. Include some seating, a table, a few plants, and some lighting and you will have the place to entertain or relax, all while adding value to your home. Entertainment Decks provide a great area to host guests. Break out… Read more »