How to Choose the Right Fence Material for Your Home | Tacoma Fence Experts

When investing in a new fence, there are many factors to put into consideration. A fence can set boundaries, provide security, along with enhance the value and appearance of your home. When looking at the aesthetic value that fences add to your home, there are many factors to consider when it comes to style, function… Read more »

The Newest Member of Cascade Deck & Fence Company

We are proud to announce our newest addition to the Cascade Deck & Fence family, Haizley Mischelle Braid! Haizley was born on April 25, 2018 at 11:27 AM, at 5 oz and 17 inches long. We are filled with joy and excited to share their newest addition to the Cascade Deck & Fence family.

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Fences are an important feature for any home or property. They give us a sense of security and privacy. But they don’t last forever! Over time, your fence may wear down due to the elements. This leaves homeowners wondering whether their fence can be repaired, or to get a brand new fence entirely. Your trusted… Read more »

How to Keep Your Deck Safe for Kids | Tacoma Deck Builders

Decks and balconies can be a relaxing addition to any home. But they can pose a serious threat to  young children. Babies and toddlers are naturally curious and unaware of any serious dangers. Children can easily get trapped between railing or slip through and fall. This is why it is important to take into account… Read more »

Preparing Your Deck for Spring | Tacoma Decking Experts

As the weather starts to get warmer in the Pacific Northwest, this means that spring is on its way! To prepare for afternoon barbecues and long evenings spent out on the deck with family and friends, it’s time to start getting your deck ready. We had a rough winter in the South Sound. Your deck… Read more »

Why Winter Is a Great Time to Install a Fence | Tacoma Fence Company

You are looking out your kitchen window, you notice that your fence is starting to rot and crack. After years of wear and tear, it desperately needs to be replaced. Many Tacoma & Puyallup homeowners don’t realize that their fence can be repaired or installed even in the winter. Our team at Cascade Deck &… Read more »

Preparing Your Fence for Winter | Tacoma Fence Builders

It’s almost winter in the Pacific Northwest, and the holiday spirit is in the air. Chances are, you’ve already strung the lights on your house to celebrate the season. While your fence may be looking festive, it is prone to wear and tear during this time of year. There are several things you can still… Read more »

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Why Choose Composite Decking | Tacoma Deck & Fence Builders

For many homeowners, the backyard is a sanctuary. It is where families come together for BBQs, sports and just having fun with one another outdoors. A deck serves as a platform for gathering and entertaining. If you’ve been considering installing a deck for your home, now is the time. Here in the Pacific Northwest, composite… Read more »

Why Hire a Professional Fence Company? | Tacoma Fence Experts

When it comes to home improvement projects, it can be very tempting to try to save money by doing it in yourself. After all, there are plenty of helpful videos online right? In many cases, yes—you can cut down on costs through DIY on some types of projects. However, installing your own fence is not… Read more »