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Our last blog talked about the advantages of installing a fence, from increasing property value, to privacy and security benefits. What is equally important is how fences have the ability to add character and style to your home. When looking at the aesthetic value that fences and gates can add, some of the most important aspects to consider are the style of your home and the feel that you are trying to achieve. Different materials and designs evoke different impressions.


If you’re looking for a more traditional look, the white picket fence may be the perfect solution for you. They are a great enclosure for older-style or colonial homes. A picket fence adds to the classic look of these homes and is a safe bet if you’re unsure of which aesthetic direction you really want to go in. If white is too stark or generic for you, consider painting your fence a fun color. This will add some character, making your home unique to your personality and style.



A rustic fence is more suitable for those whose homes reflect the same style. Cabins or farms are usually the first images that come to mind. Materials are in their natural state, usually unfinished and the execution of the fence itself is more organic, and freehand. Also maintenance is low with these types of fence since the fading, as well as the wear and tear, only adds to the rustic feel.














Modern fences and gates are the most popular with homes that are more contemporary in architectural design. These types of fences are very versatile in that many different materials can be used to attain a similar look. As you can see below, wood and aluminum are used. Two very different materials, but both designs are minimalistic and simple. These modern fences are best when they complement modern homes.

modern1 modern2












Ornate Gates

Ornate gates come in all shapes, colors and design, but the overarching factor is that they add a high-end look to any home. These fences and gates are more detailed and can act as a focal point. Unlike the other fences and gates mentioned, ornate gates have the ability to embody a number of different styles. For example, the black gate below gives the beautiful home an Italian villa feel, while the home with the white gate has a more retro look. These types of gates are very versatile and are perfect when going for a very specific vibe.

ornate1 ornate2











These are only a few of the different styles of fences and gates, there are endless options out there for you to choose from. Fences and gates are not only functional but add aesthetically to your home as well. Give Cascade Deck & Fence a call today to set up a consultation and let us help you find your perfect fence!



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