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Building Tacoma Fences for Man’s Best Friend

This time of the year, we see the days becoming shorter, and the rain starting to roll in. When Tacoma weather conditions make a turn for dropping temperatures & buckets of rain falling from the sky, most people retreat from their outdoor activities and prefer to stay home. Because we have more rainy days then sunshine,… Read more »

Stress Less this Spring with Tacoma Fence Builders

April happens to be Stress Awareness Month. One of the major things we all tend to worry about is security — the security of our loved ones, homes, material possessions, and ourselves. Installing a fence is one of the steps you can take to help alleviate that stress. Here at Cascade Deck & Fence, our… Read more »

Have an Experienced Fence Company Update Your Home for the New Year

After January 1st, the fireworks fade into memory and you now have to think about the home projects to face over the next 12 months. Such projects can seem daunting but dedication can create a beautiful home. Updating your fence should be the first thing on your list. Your local fence company, Cascade Deck &… Read more »

Install a Tacoma Fence in Winter

Most people don’t think of the holiday season as a time to build fences, but it can definitely be done. There are many reasons to install a Tacoma fence in winter. Maybe you just bought a house and want privacy from your nosy neighbors. A new Christmas puppy will need a fenced yard to run… Read more »

Fence Builders — 3 Tips For Protecting Your Fence From Extreme Weather

No matter where you live there are extreme weather conditions. Whether it is rain, snow, sun, or wind – everyone had different weather situations that can potentially hurt their fence. Learn three simple tips of how to keep your fence secure and looking great here.

Why You Need a Fence If You Have Pets

Fall brings a lot of rain in Washington. Why not get a fence so that you can let your pets out in the yard without actually having to go out and walk with them in the rain?

Unique Fence Inspirations

Fencing Tacoma In our last blog post we put up some inspirations for you of some outdoor decks. This week we want to inspire you with some fencing ideas. Fencing seems like it’s a lot simpler than decking, and in a lot of ways it is. However, that doesn’t mean that fences need to be… Read more »

Taking Care of Your Wooden Fence

Fences differ based on the material they are made of. Metal fences suggest security, while wooden fences promote simplicity. If you have, or are currently installing a wooden fence at your home make sure to protect it correctly so the wood doesn’t go bad.

White Picket Fence Deck services Tacoma

It can be considered unfortunate to live in a city where it rains more than the sun shines. As beautiful as our city can be, sometimes that grayness can be overwhelming. Luckily summer is here and we get three beautiful months of sunshine, hopefully! With sunshine comes flowers, green grass and out door activities.  Whether… Read more »

5 Excellent Reasons to Choose a Vinyl Fence

Are you trying to decide what type of fence you should build? Vinyl fencing is becoming quite the popular choice since it is very durable, does not need to be painted, and typically comes with a lifetime warranty. Here are five more excellent reasons to choose a vinyl fence over a wood fence: 1) Easy… Read more »