Building Tacoma Fences for Man’s Best Friend

007This time of the year, we see the days becoming shorter, and the rain starting to roll in. When Tacoma weather conditions make a turn for dropping temperatures & buckets of rain falling from the sky, most people retreat from their outdoor activities and prefer to stay home. Because we have more rainy days then sunshine, a Tacoma fenced yard can prove to be very valuable. Allow us to elaborate:
Yes, we can absolutely appreciate the fact that there’s no place like home, and with this kind of weather comes several of perks including the return of green grass and the start of fun holiday festivities. But one thing that most Washington residents will miss once Summer’s gone is being able to take their canine out of the house to stretch it’s legs.

Our neighboring city, Seattle is ranked #3 of the 17 Best U.S. Cities for Dogs, showing that the dog population has grown rapidly in the past few years. So much, actually, that the dog population exceeds the number of children living within the city limits. We can’t be sure if the same facts apply to Tacoma, but we definitely know of several dog lovers in our community!
If you have a canine and you’ve gone house hunting, one of the usual must-haves on your new-home-wish-list is a fully fenced yard. Not just for privacy reasons, but also so that you can let your dog out with some peace of mind that they won’t stray far.
At Cascade Deck & Fence, we know the importance of building a solid & sturdy Tacoma fence to withstand Washington weather conditions and serve as a play pin for man’s best friend.

If you are a homeowner who needs a Tacoma fenced yard, or if you’re looking to put your house on the market, call us for a free estimate!